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Battery Doctor, The Doctor For Battery your Android

Battery Doctor, The Doctor For Androidmu Battery - We can not deny the existence of a smartphone is a lot of influence in our daily lives. All we need 50% for this tiny thing. Of the work schedule, play games, communicate with others and others. All that we can do is to work on the screen only.

But the more things we do on the little things, the more battery will be drained. In fact we can ssaja charge the battery 3 times a day. Surely not good also on our smartphone battery charge, long may bloating and eventually damaged by too often in charge. Well we here want to give a solution. Withandroid apps this one, namely Battery Doctor you can keep your smartphone betarai so well maintained

Battery Doctor
Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is an application where the application is acting like a doctor. As usual doctor, Battery Doctor will pay attention to the health of the battery androidmu always healthy and not so easily hurt or damaged. This application gives some information about the applications that consume a lot of battery. And many more advantages that are served by this one application, such as the features presented below:


  • Provides information on what percentage of battery charge remaining power
  • Provide information about the activation of some android features like Bluetooth, Wifi and others
  • Provide information about how long should smartphonemu in order to return full cas
  • Having a calendar to provide information about your habits in charging
  • You can simply uninstall the application if it is too often drain batteries
How? Come game download. Yes it was counted this application is to help you tablets in the face once the battery is easily drained. At least we better keep than to buy batteries again not hahaha: D. 

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ApplicationBattery Doctor



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