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Make Easy Tutorial Micro SIM Card

Micro SIM like a SIM card mobile phones in general, only Micro SIM has smaller dimensions. How to Make Micro SIM from regular SIM Card? before further discussing the way, I want to tell that the Micro SIM widely used in smartphones today, like on the Samsung Galaxy S 4 , HTC , OPPO Find 5 and Sony Xperia Z and other high end smartphones. without the need to counter any mobile phone you can make a Micro SIM own home with just a simple equipment such as scissors and a ruler only. ok, just to his tutorial:

Make Easy Tutorial Micro SIM Card

Before doing the cutting, you should know the dimensions of the Micro SIM itself, for more details you can see the dimensions / sizes Micro SIM in the image below:
Make Easy Tutorial Micro SIM
How to Make a Micro SIM Card (SIM Micro Dimension)

Tools and Materials Make a Micro SIM Card

1. Scissors or Cutter
2. Pieces Nails or Gillette
3. Ruler
4. Ballpoint or pencil

Ways Of Working

To cut the SIM card used to be a Micro SIM you have to understand the size of a Micro SIM beforehand (like in the picture at the top) then you also have to understand the laying of regular size SIM Card.Use a ruler (try the ruler has a millimeter or mm) to measure the dimensions of the SIM Card.pertaman in the measurement reference is the left side of the SIM Card, Measure 1 mm of Metal SIM Card and mark with a pencil Ballpoint or vertically. The next measure is also 1 mm on the upper side of the metal SIM card and mark horizontally. if it is then it will be the sign was going to look like the letter L inverted veer to the right, this is the main reference in making the Micro SIM.

Then, from a vertical mark on the left side of your head to the right sepanjag measuring 15 mm vertically and mark down (try not to sign oblique). then we will determine the cutting line on the lower side with measuring marks that have been made on the upper side and then measuring vertically or down 12 mm and mark with a dot or mark directly horizontally. up in this way Yeah done then sign you created earlier will be rectangular. but there is still one more, make the sign sideways up at the bottom right. nah you measure back from the mark to the left side to the right at the bottom of the metal along the 12 mm and mark with a single point and forwarded to measure the height of the side of the sign on the side towards the bottom on the right side of 9 mm and your mark with your point and line two points in a straight line before it will now form a mini-sized SIM Card. for more details you can see the image below:
Making Micro SIM
Making Micro SIM (measurement)
The SIM then you cut it particularly slowly and carefully with scissors or cutter (it helps you cut on the outside of the line that you have created so that later the Micro SIM is not too small when installed).after you trim pieces bit by bit with gillette or existing miser on nail cutter slowly and try to input on your Smartphone is still too large to fit on a Micro SIM card slot on your Smartphone (SIM Card when you cut earlier from the outside of the mark, usually the greatness) if you are able to enter the test by turning on your smartphone if it has not been able to get into the SIM card slot then you stingy or trim them again until he could get in.


This method has a 98% success as long as you read and understand well  Tutorial Easy to Make Micro SIM Card that I give. but I do not give a guarantee if you are not successful because there is a panda risk yourself. but, should find this very successful because of the right size and do not damage the metal on the SIM card of your Card. Good luck.


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