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Samsung Galaxy S5 distinguish Genuine Or Fake? Check Here !!!

How to Distinguish Genuine Samsung Galaxy S5 Or False - this modern era more and more goods are very harmful to society imitation, Samsung Galaxy S5 when the products are marketed recently but already many prodak-prodak Samsung Galaxy S5 imitation or replica.

Samsung Galaxy S5 distinguish Genuine Or Fake?  Check Here !!!

For those of you who do not know how to distinguish sure you are not going to know that you S5 Galaxy smartphone is one of the counterfeit goods, certainly when you know that your order is counterfeit goods certainly very disappointed.

Indeed, cell phone cloning offer price is far away from its original version. Make people drool to have a mobile phone. The market is now well known that clones phone as a few names. Like "supercopy", "King" and probably many more pr. Well, to prevent you from losses when bought, this is the difference with the original Samsung Galaxy S5 Samsung Galaxy S5 supercopy. Ordinary supercopy been first launched before the original version.

Well for those of you who want to know how to distinguish please see explanation below:

  • The original Samsung Galaxy S5 no fingerprint scanner on the home button and monitor cardiac pressure on the back below the LED flash.
  • The original Samsung has some typical applications that S Health, ChatOn, Samsung Wallet, SideSync 3.0 or Samsung Content Viewer.
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 using the original USB version 3.0, not version 2.0. Note the slot, which has 2 USB v3.0 for USB v2.0 ports while only 1.
  • In supercopy smartphones / cloning / artificial / fake / KW usually still use Chinese in applications and settings / settings.

Now that's how to distinguish that your Samsung Galaxy S5 was really genuine or Supercopy.
hope it is useful.


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