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How to turn off Android Touch Tone

Touch becomes very annoying sound often for example if you reply to a text message in the evening when the couple you're sleeping right next to you, or maybe you do not want a beep every time you touch the screen. Similarly, it looks very strange to have a beep when making a call number.

On the other hand, many people enjoy this sound. This beep occasionally refresh you. In addition to trying to text, touch sound may not be much of a bother. However, it all depends on the individual, how he felt about it.

If you like tranquility and silence, you definitely need to get rid of this touch sound. For Android users, it's not a difficult thing to do. You just need to go to the Sound Settings You, and turn it off.

This article will tell you how a user can turn off these sounds. The procedure is almost identical on all versions of Android.

How to turn off Android Touch Tone

  1. Turn perangkatmu and go to the home screen. Every Android phone has a dedicated button for the main menu. Simply press the button and go inside. Upon entering the main menu, you will see a lot of icons. Focus only on the Settings icon. Click on it, as you temukana. This will take you directly to the System Settings. Another way to go to System Settingsadalah by pressing the 'Options', at home. A list will appear, and you need to select Settings / System Settings. Its main purpose is to masukSettings, no matter which way you choose.
  2. After entering the System Settings, focus on the Sound Settings, which you will find just below the 'Device'. Another option under this heading are Display, Storage, Battery and Apps. Press the 'Voice', and went inside.
  3. A long list of options appears on the screen you. Scroll down and look for the option that says 'Touch Sounds'. Do not lose patience, because it is somewhere in the list, just below the title System.

There will be a small box right in front of the text. Uncheck the box, and the phone will switch off 'Touch Sounds' soon. Make sure that the blue tick has disappeared from the box. Sound, touch, has been shut down now.


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