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How To Trace Mobile Android You

Stolen or lost mobile phone is one that is sure to disturb anyone, not just because the value of the phone itself, but because the phone is generally store valuable data in it. Mobile phones have become a storage device all-in-one for us today and it could mean the loss of many moments when the phone is lost or damaged.

It is good at least with the latest smartponsel is that smartphones are now equipped with a built-in GPS device, which allows the phone to be tracked almost anywhere in the world through the use of appropriate techniques. Android, the Google Operating System, now commonly found on most smartponsel everywhere and has a number of features that can be useful in this situation.
For those of you who do not lose your phone, you can take preventive measures as early as possible because there are many things you can do, and for you who do not have time to do anything and already lost the phone, there are several options that can be taken. 
Here are some ways that might help you anticipate before losing the phone and also things you can do to track Android phone you with ease.

1. Tips before losing phone

If the phone's favorite You still there, it would be nice if you take precautions so that later when your phone is lost or stolen is still possible to get it back. The best way to secure your phone by installing one of the applications available in Playstore, which not only acts as a antivirus but also has a built-in option for cell phone tracking mode "stealth" if the SIM card in the phone You changed. The point, as this application will mengiriman sms to the default number if the SIM card You on the phone you replaced. So, if you lose your phone and someone finds your phone and replace the Sim card in it, eat the phone will send a secret SMS to the number you are already registered prior to the application without the knowledge of the person who finds your phone.

Most of these applications are available for free, but there are some that require payment and guarantee that the phone will be found if it is stolen in any case. One of Android apps that can do this like Avast Antivirus.

2. Tips after losing cell phone
Loss of cell phones is currently very difficult. However, if the phone is stolen or lost you already, there is still hope to find, especially if there is a GPS tracking device built-in enabled on the phone you. In addition, the other is the best way to contact a telecommunications company that can trace a mobile phone via IMEI number and find the location of the cell phone you. If there is no other choice, the last road that you can register a case of theft or loss to the police that they might be able to help

3. Track the phone with an anti-theft application installed

If you have one of the anti-theft applications installed on the phone you, there are some things that you can do on your device is missing. Some anti-theft application has the option to access and manipulate the device through a special code via email that you send to the server application. In addition, some applications can also automatically notify pemilikponsel via sms or email when the SIM card is changed. Some anti-theft application, among others, "Lookout Security Anti-Theft" and "Where's my droid"


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