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Get Free Money on Android with a whiff Rewards

Get Free Money on Android with a whiff Rewards - Hallo visitors android application , on this occasion we would like to share one of the applications that can make you make money with hp androidmu.Previously we had to share how to get free credit on the internet with android . Unlike before, with this application you can get the money in cash.Not in the form of pulses as before. So you can use for other purposes than to buy credits. Not only that, the currency used is the US dollar, every dollar now is 12 thousand dollars. For those who are still confused how it works, we provide guidelines for you to be able to immediately get free money with android apps this.

Download and Install whiff Rewards

The first thing you have to do is download and install whiff Rewards on google play. You can download it using the link below. Enter the code AF18511 when he first came in, so you get the money for $ 0.3 because after chance that you miss, you can not get this reward.

Once downloaded and installed, to get the first dollar enter invitation code  AF18511 at the first entry. It will give you the money of 0.3 dollars or the equivalent of 3,500 dollars. If you do not enter the code when you first enter, you are not going to get your first dollar 0.3. Because of this code only appears when you first enter.

Workmanship whiff Mission Rewards

There are many missions that make money for you, even much larger than the candy. There is a mission that can make you earn money every day, every play and much more. 

You can earn money by playing a game every day there is even a mission that makes you earn money by not uninstall an application, the longer you do not uninstall, the more money you get.

Daily Payment System

Payment Methods whiff Rewards

You can earn money if the payment is in your account balance has reached $ 10. There are several methods that are supported. Namely
  • Xbox Live Gift Card
  • PlayStation Store Gift Card
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Google Play Gift Card
  • Steam Gift Card
  • Facebook Gift Card
  • Paypal
To be disbursed to the local bank account, paypal is the only way. It also giftcard can be sold to people.

Payment Proof whiff Rewards

Make friends who still doubt whether this scam, please continue to follow updates from us. This time we had to request for a payout of $ 10. Because we make the request on the day of the week, this process will be done on Monday.

Liquefaction process will take place no later than 3 days. We will update this page when the whiff has sent the payment to us :). 

Proof of payment requests whiff through paypal
Request proof of payment via paypal
Turns disbursement process does not take a long time, since October 20, we have received payment.Unfortunately in payment, we hit a discount of $ 0.74. If you want to nyairin whiff income money to local banks can read posts  whiff way to cash in the bank to local Here's a screenshot of remittances to paypal we received

Proof of payment in paypal whiff
Proof of payment in paypal whiff


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